Thursday, September 22, 2011

Behind the Scenes

In case you are wondering how I manage to bake bread in the middle of the day, let me introduce you to my couldn't-do-it-without-her-partner-in-cooking-crime:The indispensable Suzanne, putting eggplant in the oven this afternoon

Miss Su, as my students know her, is both a volunteer and valued member of our professional community. School wide she has roles too numerous to list here. In my room, she handles any projects that need oven time in the school kitchen, but she also pulls small groups of students to chop, measure, mix, etc. And just when it looks like a bomb has gone off and I am envisioning the clean up process come 3PM, she tackles that, too.

There's no way I could have considered a cooking-based curriculum without her.

Next post: the skinny on the eggplant dip and student reactions.

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