Friday, February 10, 2012

Pizza Lunch

Every Friday is pizza day at my school. Here's what today's meal looked like:

Clockwise, from the pizza, we have:
  • pizza with mushrooms and red peppers
  • pesto pizza with bonus pesto on top
  • salad with greens, red pepper and carrot
  • orange wedges, kiwi slices and star fruit slices
  • kale chips
  • egg salad
Many of the items on my tray came from a table you visit and choose from after the main lunch window. Other available items I passed up were grapes and apple wedges. (I know, I took a chocolate milk instead of white. In its defense, it's skim milk and doesn't include any high fructose corn syrup).

I took this picture because last week I had the most fantastic pizza with roasted beets and goat cheese. I was full all afternoon and right up to dinner time. Even when I pack a healthy lunch from home, I am ready for a snack around 4:30. I thought about the anonymous teacher in Chicaco, Mrs. Q. who ate school lunch for all of 2010. Only in her case it was like a punishment, and she did it and blogged about the experience to bring attention to a problem in her community and many others across the country.

No problems here. Our kids have access to an amazing meal every day at noontime. Don't you want to come eat at lunch at my school?

Coming soon: the most amazing science lesson that kept everyone's attention for an hour and a quarter on a Friday afternoon.

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