Monday, October 24, 2011


Look what came in the mail today!
The Tari Shattuck Education Foundation is a local organization started in memory of a beloved teacher who passed away at age 41 after several years battling leukemia. Among its activities, the foundation awards grants to the schools in our five town community twice a year. Our school and my classroom has benefited from generous grants countless times in the past.

I wrote a grant requesting funds for several items my class kitchen currently lacks including:
  • a two burner stove
  • dish towels
  • utensils (spatulas, whisk, measuring spoons)
  • a digital timer
  • a hand powered food chopper (why not put all that kid-energy to good use and avoid the risk of burning out my personal food processor?)
These items total about $100. I also asked for funding to purchase ingredients. I wasn't able to itemize this list -- some of the units we'll be cooking our way though haven't been finalized and I only have a guess of what ingredients I'll need in January or April.

The generous TSEF board granted my full request, which means in addition to now being able to purchase all of the items listed above, I also have $150 to put toward the actual food we'll be cooking. This grant is making possible something I have already committed to, and for that I am so very thankful.

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  1. Many thanks for the Tari Shattuck Foundation's support of local initiatives! And congratulations to you, Liz! I am impressed with your desire to develop new interests with your students. Cooking is a great way to integrate learning and make curriculum functional and fun! With so much being asked of educators these days, it's wonderful to see a teacher willing to take on a new challenge!