Friday, October 7, 2011

More my hero than ever

In an earlier post, I mentioned my hero of both writing and cooking, Catherine Newman. After writing that post, I emailed Catherine to tell her about my blog. Look at me, networking.

To my great pleasure, she responded the next day and offered to arrange for my class to get a free subscription to Chop Chop magazine. She is an editor of the magazine and also writes a column about her own children trying out the magazine's recipes.
We receive a subscription at home and my own children have enjoyed many of the articles and recipes that promote healthy cooking and eating to the ages 5-12 set. In the back of my mind, I'd been thinking it would be nice to get a subscription through the school library. But any public teacher will tell you that an offer of anything for free is welcome. The fact that it came from someone whose work I admire made it all the more lovely.

Our first issue arrived yesterday after school. It's a great one; the feature article is about a school group's visit to the White House garden and kitchens, including profiles of the chefs on staff there.

This morning I made a big deal out of sharing this new gift to our class with my students. They were thrilled to see the magazine! However, today was a busy day, with an all-school educational Solar Fest occupying the whole afternoon. (This event was centered around the solar array that was installed last fall on the school property.) It was wonderfully sunny, but with little time to read our new magazine. But I shared it because I didn't want to wait, I was so excited.

I'm looking forward to seeing which recipes capture the kids interest in the coming weeks. I'll report back...

Thanks again to Chop Chop magazine for this free subscription!

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